Dr. James Barry Hid A Secret His Whole Life—And Now, It’s Out

You think you know a man, only to find out you didn’t know him at all. The 19th century Irishman James Miranda Steuart Barry was a doctor, surgeon, and Inspector General, but

behind all his professional achievements, he kept a huge secret. What was he hiding? And how did he maintain the façade? Strap in and get ready to learn about a true

trailblazer. James Barry Facts 1. Barry Was Born This Way In 1789, Dr. James Barry entered the world in Cork, Ireland as "Margaret Ann Bulkley." Yes, you read that

right—Barry was born a girl. The second child of a grocer and his wife, nobody would have thought that the feisty little baby with red-gold hair would lead such an extraordinary

life. So what exactly pushed young Margaret into becoming Dr. James Barry? Let’s find out. 2. The Family Had Problems Barry's childhood was far from idyllic. The

family fell on hard times when Barry's father lost his job because of his Catholic beliefs. It didn’t help that the family was also struggling with tremendous debt—and that

Barry’s layabout older brother did nothing to help keep them afloat. Unfortunately, when it comes to young Barry's problems, this was just the tip of the iceberg. But first, a

quick note: Since Barry used he/him pronouns throughout his life, we're using them too. 3. Barry Had a Traumatic Experience Barry's life became much more complicated when a

cruel uncle started showing up at the family's door. Even worse, he forced unwanted attention on Barry, who was barely a teenager at the time. This ended in a devastating way. The

uncle found Barry alone one day and took advantage. He assaulted his own young relative—and the result was heartbreaking.