Kevin Hart opens new plant-based, fast-food restaurant in LA

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kevin Hart already has a thriving comedy and acting career, and now he's aiming for people's stomachs. The prolific actor-comedian opened his first

plant-based, fast-food restaurant called Hart House on Thursday in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles near the city's airport. He wants this new venture to attract

regular plant-base eaters along with those who haven’t yet been introduced to that world of healthy eating. “Our business is in the business of feeling good. That’s what

Kevin Hart is about,” he said in an interview before the restaurant's official opening, which got off to a strong start with a long lines of customers throughout the day. While

sitting alongside his wife, Eniko Hart, the actor scarfed down a plant-based crispy chick’n sandwich, chick’n nuggets and tots. Rapper Lil Baby showed up to the preview to

place an order from the fully plant-based menu that also features burgers, salads, fries, ice teas and a limeade. The restaurant’s milkshakes are made from an oat-and-soy

blend. “I say this all the time: ‘Live, love, laugh,’” Hart continued. “Here, we say ‘Eat your hart out.’ People have a curiosity about plant-based food. It’s something I

eat. It’s really good. When you look at other restaurants, Hart House is just as good and maybe even better in some respects.” Hart felt the need to create a healthy space

within the fast-food spectrum that’s affordable for customers. There are several other plant-based, fast-food options located throughout Los Angeles, but Hart House’s approach is

to serve quality food with sandwiches and burgers that are within the $5-$7 price range — less than competitors.