Poitras, Poitier, Pipelines & ‘Patrick’: TIFF’s Documentary Premieres Throw Awards Race Into Focus

The Oscar race came into sharper focus at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, with actors like Brendan Fraser and Michelle Yeoh cementing their lead contender

status, and big-budget studio efforts like The Fablemans and Glass Onion premiering to raves. The fall superfecta – Venice, Telluride, Toronto and New York – is the

traditional launchpad for the prestige dramas that go on to vie for Best Picture. But for documentaries, it’s a different story.More from DeadlineAllen Hughes On TIFF Premiere

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Sadie Sink & More Analyzing the last 10 years of Academy Award nominees for Best Documentary Feature, most premiered early in the eligibility year, typically at Sundance.

But a fortunate few have launched as late as the fall, arriving with such noise and momentum that they rise to the top and earn one of the five slots among the year’s most

prestigious nonfiction films. Stanley Nelson’s Attica accomplished that last year, launching at TIFF in 2021. A second Oscar nominee, Jessica Kingdon’s Ascension, screened

at Tribeca in June 2021 (the other three nominees – including eventual winner Summer of Soul – premiered at Sundance).