Ticket to Paradise casts George Clooney and Julia Roberts as divorced parents determined to stop history repeating

Is the old-fashioned Hollywood movie star making a comeback? This year we've seen Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt drive modest, non-franchise star

vehicles to unlikely box office success, their presence endearing otherwise mediocre films to audiences presumably longing for a return to adult movies in the age of Disney-Marvel

dominance. And then there's Tom Cruise, whose stardom – albeit tethered to the shiny fuselage of a legacy franchise – continues to defy Hollywood's laws of career

gravity. The thesis gets its biggest test this week with the return of two of the 90s' brightest luminaries, as George Clooney and Julia Roberts reunite for a rom-com that's

out to rekindle some of their old magic. Ticket to Paradise has its eyes firmly set on pleasing an undemanding audience who've aged with its leads, a crowd who're apparently

just gagging for a joke about Clooney wearing yoga pants post-sex (not that there's any actual eroticism; Doris Day and Rock Hudson were sexier 70 years ago). If you've seen

the trailer, you probably already know if you're on board. Stadium-wide smile and silvery charm intact, Roberts and Clooney play Georgia and David, a pair of successful

professionals leading defiantly separate lives. They were once married for five years, but that was 25 years ago. Now they can't stand each other, a fact that the script –

by first-time screenwriter Daniel Pipski – goes to repetitive pains to reinforce, though the actors feel more like two office pals playfully razzing each other than a divorced

couple harbouring a lifetime of deep resentment.