Video shows Russian official trying to convince nuclear inspectors a rocket turned 180 degrees before landing near Ukraine's nuclear plant

Ukraine and Russia are blaming each other for strikes near Europe's largest nuclear power plant. A Russian official reportedly told nuclear inspectors a missile had turned 180

degrees before landing nearby. He was trying to show that the missile came from Ukrainian forces, not Russia, The Telegraph reported. A Russian envoy tried to convince

UN-linked nuclear inspectors that a missile that landed near Ukraine's major power plant had rotated 180 degrees before landing, and therefore could not have come from Russian

forces, reports say. Video footage shows a man speaking to International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors at Zaporizhzhia plant with remains of a shell in front of

them. According to a translation by The Telegraph, he said while gesturing to the missile: "It fled from here and this is the direction of Nikopol. It did a U-turn. In

principle, it landed and spun around." Nikopol is a city in southern Ukraine. The video shows him gesturing at the missile and turning his hands to demonstrate a 180-degree

rotation. Watch the video here, from freelance journalist Mac William Bishop: —Mac William Bishop (@MacWBishop) September 2, 2022 Bishop and The Telegraph identified

the man speaking in the footage as Renat Karchaa, a Russian nuclear expert. The Telegraph reported that Karchaa advises Rosatom, a Russian state-owned nuclear company. Insider

could not independently verify his identity. Russia's state-run Tass news agency also reported that Karchaa had escorted the IAEA delegation on the Zaporizhzhia