What is still open during the bank holiday tomorrow?

The day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday, September 19 has been granted as an extra bank holiday. Shops and schools will be closed, bin collections and postal

services will be suspended and the majority of workers will be given the day off to watch the first state funeral of a monarch since 1952. As the country continues to mourn

the death of the late Queen, sporting and cultural events have also been cancelled as a mark of respect.  Here is everything you need to know.Will there be a bank

holiday for Queen Elizabeth's funeral? Yes. The bank holiday confirmation came when the King approved an order during the Accession Council.Will there be a bank holiday

every year? There are currently no plans to make a permanent bank holiday every year in honour of the late Queen. However, a petition has been launched to mark September

8, the day of the late Queen’s death, with a bank holiday annually. The campaign, set up by John Harris on petitions site Change.org, has already gathered more than 130,000

signatures. Will schools close?  The Department for Education said schools and colleges in England should remain open as normal during the mourning period, except for the

bank holiday.  The message from the DfE went on to suggest that schools may want to "consider conducting special activities, holding assemblies or adapting planned lessons"

to commemorate the Queen’s life. Will shops close for the funeral? Shops may choose to close on the day of the funeral. Official guidance from the Government states: "There

is no obligation on organisations to suspend business during the national mourning period."